rinter solution twin head!

The on coming printer solution twin head. Hi-Fi Jet pro loading two high-quality printer head renovating present a standard to speed and printing quality.
Twin-head using 8 color head accomplish high-speed printing by realization of high-quality art and double CMYK head.

The main Special

   Pantone control for pantone hexachrome

   Outstanding print quality and variable dot

   It is pride of high-quality  (1,440dpi×1,440dpi)

   Piezo head equipping economical efficiency and safety

   Hi-Fi Jet paints ink of safe durability

   Hi-Fi Jet dyestuffs ink of good colors and economical efficiency

   High-speed print of double CMYK head

   High-production of wide-head

   Good quality maintenance and High-head speed

   Use print of Z role to equipment



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