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PHOTO TEX is multipurpose printing paper which has been improved the weak point of easily tear apart also added adhesive function.

Sizes are A4, A3, and roll(60",42",36",24",17").

PHOTO TEX has these merits.

1) It has overcome the limitation of existing printing paper.
-Overcame the tearing, humid, and inconvenience of storing.

2) Easy to print out pictures at home or office on valuable fabric.
-The only product that can be printed on fabric at home.

3) The products that has a unique distinction that can’t be compared with existing ones.
-Its characteristics are highly transparent, no residues on attached side, and possible to print out on 2540Dpi that can make advanced three-dimensional lively pictures.
-PHOTO TEX is water-resistance and any inks can not be spread on PHOTO TEX.
-PHOTO TEX is re-attachable more than 40 times without any residues.
-Pictures would not be ruined during harsh handing and shipping processes.

4) PHOTO TEX is excellent product that has inventor’s patent.

1. A4, A3 (Home Sizes)

1) PHOTO TEX is specialized on ink-jet print.

2) Possible dpi is 2540dpi.

3) Printer Fixation (if you print out same picture with same dpi) is not a problem at all, and possible to be used in almost all kinds of printers in markets. Especially, HP printer is recommended. For laser printer, some products are fit to use based on printer’s ability.
- Choice of paper recommended one step thicker and slower.
- Choice of dpi recommended one step lower.
- Choice of quality and speed recommended one step lower.
- These processes will save your ink, and brings you a clear picture as you want even if a picture requires high dpi.

4) Usage
(1)It is a replacement for general photo paper.
- In addition, it is attachable to almost everything. And you can make a photo album just printing out.
(2) It is not a paper, but it is fabric.
(3) Possible to attach and detach several times.
(4) After printing picture, you can see artistic effects and it can be much more valuable than other papers.
(5) Drying time is faster and after fully dried, it protects the ink from water.
(6) It is bendable without much damage.
(7) It is transparent.
(8) It has overcome the only function that prints out simple images.
(9) It can express your character and for image present.
-You can attach your pictures, friends’ pictures, or something else without concerning place and weather.
(10) It can be used for props at home and office also just printing out can make a notice board.
(11) We recommend to everyone who wants to have clear and vivid pictures and images.
(12) It can be used for all kinds of posters, tentative plans, and printings.

5) Sentiment/Gift of image, decoration for car’s body (decorations, event posters, and so on), props/interior, small in/outdoor advertisement, and so on. You can use it as whatever you wish to.

2. ROLL (for industry)

1) PHOTO TEX is specialized for ink-jet printer.

2)Possible dpi is 2540dpi.

3)Environment for Usage.
(1) Possible to use in common weather conditions.
(2) We gained the result of test that there was no problem occurred when we attached the PHOTO TEX on outer body of airplane.

4) Usable Printers
- It can be used on Hewlett-Packard Design-jet, Encad Pro-E, EPSON Nova-jet, and Roland Hi-Fi printers and all which have same figment settings. And it also can be used on oil printer such as Xerox Xprinters/X2 and all which have solvent, and UV settings.

5) Fields of Usage.
(1) It can make exceptionally compatible advertisement effects with PHOTO TEX.
(2) It can create cheaper replacement and easier to get advertisement effects.
- You can easily attach and detach PHOTO TEX on any given places and you will not need any additional funds to change your advertisements’ messages. Existing printed advertisement posters have to deal with that it is disposable and needed additional money to remove them from cars and signboards. PHOTO TEX has overcome these weak-points of those.

* PHOTO TEX is a product that has been developed on step higher printing on fabric.
- PHOTO TEX can be printed out more vivid and clear images than existing ones on screens and so on.

* PHOTO TEX can be used for common notice posters and props for many kinds of events for public offices or pavilions.

* PHOTO TEX will prevent you to attach adhesive tapes on advertisement posters or menus at restaurants.

* PHOTO TEX can be used on many products or can be parts of many products.
- Frames, blinds, labels, and so on. It can be used so many ways that it is almost indescribable.

6) On going businesses with PHOTO TEX
*PHOTO TEX is being used for wall posters for clothing shops, advertisements on windows and elevators for company and sporting posters.


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