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Hi there!

We are interested in producing and Researching and Developing the newest items that people never have taken or not existed before!
In fact, most of developments that have already fully qualified as patent goods; we have them as our own brand.
For the first step of our business, we are supplying the only fabric material of photo paper for home & office uses, is named " Photo Tex ".

- Photo Tex is available with every current rage of ink-jet printers, plotters, and even good at laser printers.
- We ensure that you could easily get it as more than 1440 dpi of resolution.
- At once finish to print out image; the ink should not be spoiled in the water.
- Backside of this sheet composed is special removal sticker, so you can attach/detach Photo Tex on every surface with more than 40 times.
- Since, the light can be freely transmitted on the sheet, it will be looked really alive and more beautiful when you put it on the bright place, like a windows & under the light / lamp.... etc.

Quantity & Size:
-A3: 10 sheets / pack.
-A4: 10 sheets / pack.
-Roll: Standard size is 1m (width) x 50m (length)

Finally, we are looking for a reliable partner in your market.
If your organization could agree with our business mind, it would be our sincere honor and also there would be no doubt to give you our best try.
We would welcome with any sort of query from your side.
We wish your best regards and are going to wait for your kind comments.

Sincerely yours,


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